When confronted with unknown risks, trust the JET Family to disinfect your surfaces. With its sporicidal efficacy in just one minute, these heroes are prepared to overcome unforeseen micro-biological challenges.


Powerful & Protective

No matter the type of microorganism, the JET Family is ready to go. Powered by chlorine dioxide (ClO₂), every JET ensures complete protection against microscopic threats through sporicidal disinfection. It doesn’t just address outbreaks. Whether you are dealing with bacteria or spores, the JET Family empowers you to confidently face unforeseen risks.


Super Fast

The JET Family works super-fast with a one-minute contact time, providing swift and effective disinfection. When time is of the essence, JET will streamline your disinfection tasks and maximize productivity


Always Ready

We know that convenience is essential in Healthcare. That is why the JET Family delivers excellent efficacy in a ready-to-go format. Say goodbye to guesswork, grab a JET, pair it with your preferred dry wipe, and you will have a sporicidal solution right at your fingertips.



The JET Family protects you. Its ClO₂ foam eliminates potential harm created by airborne chemical particles. Use the JET Family confidently knowing that it is designed with your protection in mind.


Use biocides safely. Always read the label, safety data sheets and product information before use.


Ready to try one of the JET Family hero?

Your medical device surface disinfectant partner. Use it in patient bed spaces and on medical surfaces. Covers your keyboards, screens, and waiting rooms with its lighter formula, providing a low-odor and light-touch experience. For high-touch and high-risk surfaces. An extra ingredient to kill bacteria and enveloped viruses for up to 8 hours after application.


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