TANK Detergent


TANK Detergent is a storage and distribution system fuelled by detergent capsules.

One TANK Detergent capsule makes 10 litres of working solution, which is the same as 2,000 generic wipes wetted with 5ml of liquid.

Rather than relying on convenience products which do harm once they are disposed of, TANK uses plastic thoughtfully. The core components are reusable, and all the plastic items within the system are recyclable.

Apply TANK Detergent working solution with a Doser, Foamer or Sprayer, and reduce plastic waste by pairing TANK working solution with any dry wipe.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


TANK Detergent leaves surfaces looking clean, shiny and smear-free, and can be stored in TANK and the dosing bottles for up to 30 days.

Many guidelines highlight cleaning as the most important part of a decontamination protocol. Without cleaning, soil and organic matter can create a barrier between the disinfectant and microorganisms, preventing effective disinfection.


TANK Detergent capsules are filled with a non-enzymatic cleaning concentrate for dilution in 10 litres of water. TANK Detergent is ideal for cleaning and damp dusting.

Product Options

TANK Detergent is a storage and distribution system fuelled by detergent capsules. The system includes:


  • 1 x 10L distribution and storage vessel. Product code: CCH032501.
  • 12 x 200ml TANK Detergent concentrate capsules to be diluted into 10 litres of water, equivalent to 2,000 detergent wipes each with a 5ml dose of solution. Product code: CCH070901.
  • 6 x 500ml long-life, re-usable dosing bottles. Product code: CCH032201.
  • Any of the following three applicator options:
    • 3 x Spray applicator. Product code: CCH030401.
    • 3 x Doser applicator. Product code: CCH030501.
    • 3 x Foam applicator. Product code: CCH030601.


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